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Where can I find details of school fees?

A range of the 2021 fee structure is available on the Admissions page. For a detailed fee structure of your preferred campus, please submit the inquiry form on this page and we will give you the right information based on your details.

What are your school hours?

We begin the school day at 8.30AM and finish at 4.30PM. Parents can drop off their kids at school starting from 7.45AM onwards.

What language is used at school?

The primary language medium is English however our LFs are able to speak in Malay in order to build bridges over any language barriers which may exist among the student body. Each of our Learning Facilitators are equipped with the ability to speak both English and Malay.

What ages do you accept for enrolment?

We accept applications for enrolment for children from the ages of 7 to 12 years old for all of our campuses except for Bangi. As our Bangi campus is still new, we are currently only accepting children 7 to 8 years old there.

What is the capacity of the school?

Each campus can accommodate between 100-150 students while the ratio of students to Learning Facilitators is 1:15-17. Observation of each child is put under the care of their Key Learning Facilitator every year, meaning that every student receives individualised support and supervision from their Key LF. With the ongoing pandemic, spots at our school are becoming more limited in order to streamline our SOPs and ensure the safety of our existing students whilst schooling physically during the CMCO period.

Are the Learning Facilitators at Sri Aria School qualified?

Our LFs come from a multitude of backgrounds with qualifications in a variety of fields, not necessarily in education. Once they join the team, all LFs receive training from graduates and experts of early childhood education. To provide a glimpse, the LFs across all our campuses come from backgrounds of architecture, environmental science, music, food science & technology, and many more! Equipped with knowledge and skills in various fields, our LFs are able to share invaluable expertise in their respective fields with the students.

Do you offer extra-curricular activities?

Depending on the campus, we currently offer the following Mastery Classes every month; • Archery • Swimming • Football

How do I apply for enrolment?

Head to our Admissions page and refer to our Application Process for more information. Kindly note that there are deadlines to apply by for each intake period.

Do you accept children over 12 years old?

We only accept children from 7 to 12 years old to our elementary school. Our secondary school programme, Sri Aria Junior College (for students from 13 to 17 years old), is currently only open to graduates of our elementary school.

Do you have provisions for children with Special Education Needs?

We do have the KinderSense programme which is designed to provide additional support to students with Special Education Needs, however our team is small, so we have a limit to the number of Special Educational Needs children that we can admit. We treat each application on a case by case basis.

Can we visit and have a tour of the school?

We currently hold the school tours via our online Virtual Open Day, keep up to date with our social media and check here on our website to register for our upcoming open days. It is a standard practice for us to disallow visitors as we will usually only open our campuses for visits during our physical Open Day. With the ongoing pandemic our practice has also doubled as an SOP to prevent possible transmission and exposure of the COVID-19 virus at our school.


What is the syllabus at Sri Aria School? Is it KSSR?

As we explain in the "Our Approach" page, we are a Self Directed Learning school. We are not bound to any traditional curriculum however we integrate our Sri Aria SDL process with our adaptation of the KSSR syllabus. This isn't a school where kids sit in a classroom while a teacher stands in front and directs. Here, children learn through hands on activities, projects, discussions, and social play all initiated by themselves. The role of our Learning Facilitators is to guide, encourage, and –as their name implies– to faciliate the growth of each student according to our Sri Aria SDL Strengths Based model. We do not have any textbooks, tests, or exams of any kind at our school. Even though we don't provide examinations, we believe in allowing the student to choose for themself whether they want to take exams such as UPSR, PMR, SPM, or the IGCSEs.

Can my child join Sri Aria and still sit for exams externally?

Parents and students who decide to continue with us onto the Sri Aria Junior College programme understand that entering university may not necessarily be the end goal or a step required before entering the industry, however it is still an option. For students who wish to remain in Sri Aria but also take exams to apply at universities with, they must prepare for their desired exams independently. If the student wholeheartedly decides for themself that they would like to sit for exams, arrangements can be made by parents and the student to register as a private candidate elsewhere for the intended examinations. While we may not conduct the exams ourselves, we will do our best to support them with their planning and preparation. We remind parents and students to know before making such a decision that it is a big and significant one. The student must be prepared to self study, and may wish to enrol in external tuition sessions for further and possibly necessary support.

How can my child move on to secondary school without exam results?

After graduating from Sri Aria Elementary School, our students can enrol for Secondary School at most national and private schools as all they usually require now is a leaver's certificate which we will provide. This may not necessarily apply if you are aiming to send your child to an MRSM institution or boarding schools which require traditional UPSR results. In this case we would gently ask you to evaluate together with your child, is this goal something both you and your child themself share?

If students don't have exams, how are they assessed?

We employ the use of Authentic Assessment based on the SDL model on the "Our Approach" page. With a primary focus on building the Internal Strengths of the student, we observe and facilitate the progress of the student from being dependent to self-directed (dependent → interested → involved → self-directed) in areas related to their Internal and External strengths. Our aim is to support students in embodying the 5 Pillars of mindfulness, planfulness, sociability, playfulness, and curiosity.

Where have Sri Arians gone after graduating?

As of right now, our Bandar Sri Damansra campus is the only one with Sri Arians who have graduated from our elementary school. Of the pioneering batch, all have chosen to stay with Sri Aria and are currently piloting the Sri Aria Junior College programme (designed for students aged 13 to 18). Other students who have moved schools before graduating elementary school have moved to various public and private schools around their residential area.

What is Sri Aria Junior College? Who is it available to?

Sri Aria Junior College (SAJC) is the current pilot programme designed by Dr Putri Afzan Maria as the continuity and next stage after Sri Aria Elementary School. This programme was developed with a focus on readying students for the working world through apprenticeships and partnerships in various industrial sectors. The aim of SAJC is to foster the growth of students who are built with industry-ready skills and an avid love and ability to learn whatever must be learnt to succeed in whatever path they are interested in pursuing. As of currently, SAJC is only available to graduates of Sri Aria Elementary School who have gone through and exemplified the Self-Directed Learning process throughout their years at our school. Students who choose to remain with Sri Aria at the age of 13 years old will continue on to join the Sri Aria Junior College (meant for students from 13 to 18 years old).

What is the KinderSense Programme?

KinderSense is our Special Educational Needs programme and is applicable to students we identify as requiring additional learning support for any learning difficulties or disabilities. Parents of students we enrol under this programme will work closely with our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) to best assist the student in achieving positive developments both at school and at home.


What precautions are being taken during this pandemic for physical schooling?

Our school campuses are dedicated to abiding to our SOPs and ensuring the safety of our students. When students are physically allowed to be in school, we place specific groups of children to certain units of the school each day, tracking their movement within the school. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies (such as colour pencils, scissors, etc.) and in addition to that, we conduct daily temperature checks, make sure masks are on at all times, check on constant hand-washing, and sanitize surfaces at the end of each day. Additionally, we disallow visitors to the school and only conduct school tours virtually. Only LFs and students are allowed on campus, parents are asked to drop off and pick up their child at the school's main entrance.

Have there been any positive cases at your school?

In April 2021, there was one case of a family from our Bandar Sri Damansara campus who tested positive. All staff (5 learning facilitators) who had been in close contact with the family were placed into a 2 week quarantine immediately and parents of the campus were notified with the option given for parents to choose not to send their child to school for these 2 weeks. The COVID-19 test results for our LFs came back negative and they have since returned to our campuses.

How will learning continue if there is another MCO and schools need to close?

Just as practiced during the MCOs in 2020, we will move our learning online to Zoom and do our best to engage our students weekly there. Our primary focus when moving online is to ensure the emotional wellbeing of our Arians first and foremost through our eTouch programme, checking in with each student every week. Feel free to check out our "Learning During the Pandemic" section on our site.

Have all school staff received vaccinations for Covid-19?

Yes! All Sri Aria School staff members have received full doses (2) of vaccinations for the Covid-19 virus.

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