For a detailed fee structure of the campus you are interested in, please fill up our Inquiry Form here:

Sri Aria School Fee Structure Range 2021

*Sibling Discount

Applicable to the monthly fee for students with an older sibling enrolled at the same time at Sri Aria School.


**KinderKaizen Alumni Rate 

The Alumni fee refers to the alumni of KinderKaizen. It is applicable for the first two years in Sri Aria School, meaning that by their third year the standard fee will apply.

Prerequisites for the KinderKaizen Alumni Rate:

  1. Attended at least two (2) final successive years in KinderKaizen (5 to 6 years old).

  2. Graduated from KinderKaizen immediately before entering Sri Aria School (has not attended a different school since Sri Aria School).

  3. Submission of official KAS (KinderKaizen Assessment System) Report and KK Principal Letter along with application.

***KinderSense Programme

KinderSense is our Special Education Needs programme and is only applicable to students we identify as requiring additional learning support (IEPs).



At Sri Aria School we accept enrolment for children from the ages of 7 to 12 years old for all of our campuses except for Bangi. As our newest campus which just opened in early 2021, Bangi currently accepts enrolment for 7 to 8 years old.

The only prerequisites we require for applicants to our school (other than age) are their readiness for Self Directed Learning. Before joining our school, we look for the following Signs of Readiness for Self Directed Learning.

  • Being able to be autonomous.

  • Being able to organise oneself.

  • Being able to be self-disciplined. 

  • Being able to communicate effectively.

  • Being able to accept and improve from constructive feedback.

  • Being able to engage in self-evaluation and self-reflection.

Our admissions team evaluates the readiness of each applicant through the Sri Aria Recommendation Letter or KAS Report (for KinderKaizen alumni) in the initial stage of our application review process.

Sri Aria School Logo (Lion Symbol)


Submit Inquiry Form

Fill in the inquiry form to have any questions or concerns you may have clarified and answered before proceeding with the next step.




Submit Application Form + Pay Application Fee (RM1000)

Downloadable below, fill up the Application Form and prepare the relevant items as specified in the Application Checklist.


When ready, submit the Application Form with all relevant items attached in one email thread to sriariaschool@gmail.com following these formats for the email subject and naming of attached files:

Email Subject: "Application for { Year } Admission – { Child's Full Name }"

e.g. "Application for 2021 Admission – Adam bin Muhammad"

File Names: "{ File Name } – { Child's Full Name }"

e.g. "Application Form – Kelsey Wong"

e.g. "Sri Aria Recommendation Letter – Thivya Iyer"

e.g. "Immunisation Record – Sasha binti Abdullah"

Review of Application

The review process will only begin once all required items including payment for the Application Fee have been received by the Admissions Team. The application will follow one of two routes as part of the review process. 

The Application Fee can be paid through the link provided in the Application Form.


KinderSense Route (4 - 5 weeks)

Parents of Applicants whom we feel may require or benefit from extra learning support will be informed of our KinderSense Programme. The following processes below will take place when applicants are considered under the KinderSense route.


• SENCo Home Visit

• Parents' Interview

• Trial Session


Standard Route (2 - 3 weeks)

The following things will be arranged by the Admissions Team if the school requires more information to conduct a comprehensive review.

• Parents' Interview

• Trial Session


Decision on Application

Once a final decision has been made, parents will be emailed one of the following letters:

• Letter of Unsuccessful Application​​

• Letter of Offer (Conditional or Unconditional)

A comprehensive fee schedule and details of the placement offered will be included in the offer letter. To accept the Letter of Offer, parents should sign the letter to be scanned and reverted via email within 14 days.​


There are three intake periods during the year; January, April, and August. To join us for your desired intake month please submit a complete application before the following dates (please note that consideration depends on intake availability at the time). Applications received after the deadline will be considered for the next available intake period. 


Application deadline: 16/07/2021

Starting date: 16/08/2021


Application deadline: 10/12/2021

Starting date: TBA

(Awaiting MOE annoucement of 2022 school calendar dates)


Application deadline: 04/03/2022

Starting date: TBA

(Awaiting MOE annoucement of 2022 school calendar dates)



School Calendar (2021)

Holidays for Sri Aria School follows the same dates as national schools under the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.

Application for Admission Form

All applicants must fill in and submit this form. Kindly refer above for details on our application process.

Sri Aria Recommendation Letter Form

For applicants who are not KinderKaizen Alumni to have filled up as part of their application.